Keshav Fertilizers. was set up in 2013 and has set up a multi-product facility in the state of Gujarat for manufacturing Micronutrients for Fertilizers Use and Trace Minerals for animal feeding and specialized products catering to the Construction Industry. It is a modern state of- the art technology with an installed capacity of 60000 MT per annum to manufacture Construction Chemicals and 35040 MT per annum of various products including fertilizer chemicals and minerals.
The company is a part of Shanku’s Group and is committed to provide well-researched and qualitative products for the clientele. At the helm of the company’s affairs is the Director Mr. Jagdish Chaudhary, who has extensive experience in this field.


We have ISO 9001:2008 compliant manufacturing facility spread over3,150 Square Meter for the production of Sodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde (SNF),Construction Chemicals and Micronutrients for Fertilizer Sector along with Trace Minerals for Animal Feed Sector.

Production Capacity:

• 35040 MT per Annum for Micronutrients for Fertilizer Industry and Animal Feed Industry

• 60000 MT per Annum for Construction Chemicals for Construction/ Infrastructure Industry


• Reaction vessels of Lead & Graphite Bonded

• Filter Press

• Spray Driers / Spin Flash Driers

• Centrifuges

• And many other


Our objective remains to offer the best quality products at affordable prices to the users. We engage in continuous quality improvement at every level to improvise the products and services. We value customer satisfaction and believe that, as buyer, you have every right to evaluate our worthiness and standards. We have all basic Instruments as well as Specialized Equipments Such As Morta AtomicAbsorption Spectrophotometer, UV Spectrophotometer, and all other basic instruments required for R&D for development of new range of products for the entire sector.


We have a team of highly qualified and competent professionals, which is always ready to take new challenges head-on. Their sole aim is to provide thebest quality products in the market while exceeding the expectations of the clients.